SCL-Intra Enterprise

Product information.

Inbound Systems: SCLIntra Enterprise

SCLIntra Enterprise uses barcoding technology to monitor and control the flow of tangible objects - mail, parcels, property, files or people - as they enter, move through, and exit a facility.  Designed for rugged, real-world applications, SCLIntra features intuitive user interfaces, simple hand-held data collection devices, intelligent routing and sorting, email notification, signature capture and in-depth reporting.  It allows any user to track any object, and monitor distribution, anywhere within your facility; yet it's flexible enough to adapt to the way your business already works.
Delivering Accountability
SCLIntra is scalable.  SCLIntra is affordable.  And SCLIntra is the only fully-integrated system built to run internally on your corporate network or externally in the cloud that is capable of managing your entire delivery process.  Regardless of whether you have a single facility or a corporate campus, SCLIntra delivers:

Greater Asset Accountability
  • Full chain-of-custody detail from receiving through delivery - for inbound and interoffice packages
  • Self-service recipient delivery status through your corporate intranet
  • Scheduling and tracking of deliveries and pick-ups
  • Standard and customizable management and service-level commitment reports
Tighter Process Control and Security
  • Reduced shrinkage and loss in the delivery chain
  • Effortless integration into your existing workflow
  • Flexible text fields make adding purchase order, RMA, serial and asset numbers a snap
  • Superior outbound control - coordinate outbound shipments with mail stop pick-ups; even connect with your shipping system
Increased Operational Efficiency
  • High-speed barcode efficiency from the experts
  • Quick, logical courier routing
  • Uncomplicated screens and navigatioin
  • Improved service to internal customers
  • Measurable workload and efficiency reporting
SCLIntra Enterprise combines the longstanding reliability of applications with the business advantages and flexibility that Microsoft .NET architecture offers.  Users will enjoy improved network level administration and security for mail and asset accountability, integrated signature capture and imaging features that allow users to store and/or email images of suspicious or damaged packages, specialized departmental charge-back tools, expanded desktop shipping features, one-click reporting through stored group searches, and hands-off interoffice mail tracking.  Highlights include:
Entirely New Dashboard
Easy to use internal website helps your carpeted area customers to independently:
  • Initiate desktop shipping requests
  • Track interoffice mail
  • Search for packages
  • Communicate with mailroom staff (set out of office or forwarding alerts)
  • Set SCLIntra as your mail operations website/home page
Fully Loaded Mobile Application
  • Mobile computing application and architecture same as workstation PC
  • Microsoft ActiveSync enabled - no extra software needed to sync
  • Easy to install, configure and administer - just drop the SD card into any valid handheld and go to work
  • Security - your data is safe on the SD card no matter what happens to the handheld
Layout and Label Designer
  • Easily create multiple screens for multiple processes and users -- custom screen views for processing mail, parcels, the receiving dock or messenger pouches
  • Unlimited label design capabilities:
    • Print to any Windows-driven label printer
    • User configurable print rules -- different label types can be generated for a variety of package types

IT-Friendly Including True ClickOnce Deployment and Updating

  • State-of-the-art ClickOnce deployment of new workstations
    - Install via ClickOnce on a Web Link
    - As easy as installing a Plug-in
  • ClickOnce deployment for updates - all updates are made to the server and all PC and mobile clients automatically
  • Centralized Application Management -- all transactions to the database go through an application server instead of directly to the database:
    - Allows for an ASP-style implementation
    - No need for database connection configuration on the workstation
    - Desktop/PC specific rules
    - User account managment - no local settings will be lost in workstation failure