T-250 Single Tabber

Product information.

Key Features

  • Applies Clear, Translucent & Paper Tabs
  • 12,000 Pieces/hr
  • Integrated Feeder
  • Adjusts for density in tab/wafter seals
  • Holds Standard Rolls (3" core)
  • Accepts various types and sizes of media from 3" x 5" to as large as 17" x 11"
  • Feeder capacity holds up to 200 #10 envelopes



The advanced design of the T-250 gives it the ability to run clear, translucent & paper tabs at speeds up to 12,000 per hour on a typical tri-fold mailer. The new control panel design and professional grade color scheme allow the T-250 Tabber to look good in workshops, warehouses, mailrooms and office environments while requiring less maintenance.  The T-250 handles a variety of material sizes and pieces up to 5/32" thick.  Tab size can be 5/8" to 1 1/4" for standard tabs.  The T-250 single tabber will improve the effectiveness of your mailings while keeping down costs.