Satori Capture

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Point-of-Entry Validation Software: Satori Capture

Quick Address Entry and Instant Verification
Satori Capture point-of-entry validation software makes collecting accurate contact data fast and error-free.  Errors made at the point of entry are the most common and most difficult to correct later.  Get contact data right the first time for better overall efficiency throughout your organization.  Using Satori Capture paves the way to more effective relationship management processes and overall improvements in the customer experience.

  • Save time - enter full addresses in fewer keystrokes
  • Ensure the overall quality of your contact data
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction
  • Save money - reduce returned or misdirected invoices and shipments

Satori Capture (for MailRoom Toolkit)

Rapid Address Entry
Enter complete addresses with fewer keystrokes, such as ZIP Code™ and partial street address.  Satori Capture provides real-time feedback if more information is needed to narrow the results.

Simply Powerful Search
Results are generated as each address element is typed.  Enter a ZIP Code or city, then street address and so on, to narrow the options.

Visual and Manual Field Mapping
Let Capture identify address fields automatically, so you can select the correct address element for each.  Or, manually specify the keystrokes needed to populate a form or freeform address block.

Application Signatures
Capture stores field maps into signatures that are unique to each application or form.  As you switch forms, Capture automatically activates the appropriate signature for efficient data entry.

Address Verification
Confirm addresses exist in the USPS address data set to reduce returned mail and deter fraud.

Address Standardization
Simplify duplicate identification and meet USPS standards for spellings, abbreviations and necessary address elements.

CRM Compatibility
Works with major CRM and e-commerce systems including, Act!, Microsoft Dynamics, SalesLogix and more.

Implementation Options

Designed for out-of-the-box productivity, Satori Capture offers configuration options for a wide range of companies - from small nonprofits to Fortune 500 enterprises.

Client/Server Implementation
Satori Capture can be configured to validate contact data using the Satori Cloud service or a self-hosted installation of the Capture server.  Both options use a secure connection to validate addresses in real-time.  The Satori Cloud service provides the latest data and takes the burden off your IT department to maintain a separate server.

Single-Seat Implementation
The single-seat implementation option offers out-of-the-box efficiency for smaller organizations.  This configuration is most appropriate for organizations that do not have reliable Internet access.