WJ250 / IJ110

Product information.

The power house mailing system for high-volume mail centers

  • A low profile and sleek design that's only 34" long, providing maximum performance while occupying minimal space
  • Effortless touch screen user interface eliminates scrolling through menus and puts all weighing, rating and mail processing selections literally at your fingertips
  • Electronic Tele Meter Setting for convenient one-touch postage replenishment
  • Ultra-quiet digital printing with productivity levels of 250 envelopes per minute
  • HP inkjet technology delivers a crisp, clear, no-mess imprint every time
  • High efficiency ink reservoir yields an incredible 134,000 imprints, minimizing supply costs
  • Automatically feeds, seals and adjusts for envelopes up to 10" X 13" and 5/8" thickness
  • High performance mixed mail feeder with superior pump-based spray sealing. Process mixed size, mixed thickness, and mixed flap (open/closed, nested/non-nested, sealed/unsealed) mail with no sorting required!
  • Seal without printing postage for internal mail, or omit the indicia to date-stamp incoming mail
  • Integrated platform, rate-calculating and dynamic scale options that weigh letters, flats or parcels and automatically set the exact postage required
  • Up to nine advertising dies (five pre-loaded, four custom), five user-programmable text messages, and five mail class dies that can print next to your postage – use your mail to reinforce a marketing message or strengthen your brand
  • Automatic one-touch dispensing of up to 99 pressure-sensitive postage tapes makes posting parcels fast and easy
  • Up to ten programmable presets for recalling frequent jobs
  • Optional Online Services technology permits easy downloading new postal rates
  • Tracks and reports on postage usage for up to 200 accounts
  • Secures your postage funds with 4-digit PIN password protection
  • Automatic date advance protects against stale dated mail
  • Ultra-secure Information-Based indicia (IBI) technology meets current and future USPS requirements for secure postage evidencing

  • 10, 30 and 70 lb weighing platforms
  • Interfaced rate calculating scales from 5-70 lb capacity
  • Optional differential weighing - place a container or stack of mail on the scale remove one item...the item's weight is determined, correct postage is calculated, and the meter is set automatically, just feed your mail or print a tape
  • Dynamic Weighing Platform (DWP) - provides fully automatic in-motion postal rate calculation based on envelope weight, length, and thickness up to 32 ounces. Process mixed weight mail with no sorting required at speeds up to 130 letters per minute

Peripherals & Upgrades

Roll Tape Dispenser

  • Inkless roll tape dispenser - prints 30 ready-to-stick postage labels per minute with no water or moistening required
  • Interface to Hasler inserting systems

WJ Conveyor Stacker

  • Mail conveyor/stacker - accommodates 200 posted mail pieces, maximizing throughput
  • Expanded 500 department accounting package
  • Postage accounting report printer

WJ250 Console


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