PE-150 Production Postage Printing Solutions

Product information.

Transform Your Mailing Production

Available as part of PrintMachine, the PE-150 Production Postage Printing Solution, is a Windows-based application that prints postage directly onto the document during the printing process. This high-speed solution produces postage at speeds independent of the customer's folder/inserter or traditional metering system, because it prints directly onto the document. This allows customers the ability to maximize the throughput of their inserters by eliminating the traditional metering step from the mailing process.

With PE-150, postage is added to the document after the print file has been generated from the customer's document output server. The indicia is visible through an envelope window and presented to the USPS® as payment for the mailpiece.

Leverage the benefits of the PE-150 Production Postage Printing Solution today:

  • Delivers the professional image of metered mail
  • Co-mingle jobs for better presort discounts
  • Eliminates operating and ink costs associated with postage meters
  • Requires no inventory of Permit or Prepaid envelopes
  • Intelligent Mail® Barcode (IMb) ready for sorting, tracking and USPS® compliance