Lake Image

By reading and processing the variable data now commonplace on many printed items, Lake Image's systems inspect, verify, track and report on millions of documents, printed pieces, plastic cards and packages daily using codes such as OCR, barcodes, 2D codes, Postal Barcodes and many more.

Document and mail piece integrity, pin number verification, print quality inspection and process control solutions are available for bindery, print finishing, polywrapping, continuous and sheet printing, rewinder, narrow web, plastic card and postal automation applications.

Direct Mail Proccessors Require:

  • Flexibility to easily change vertification configurations to adapt to changing customer requirements
  • Reliable reading and matching of a multitude of symbologies at high speeds including names and full alphanumeric text
  • Ability to provide a multitude of verification capabilities simultaneously on the same piece of equipment
  • Ability to integrate verification technologies on a multitude of equipment types and brands across the production enterprise
  • In-line inkjet printing with multi-zone real-time tracking to ensure the correct variable, matched information is printed on the correct piece


  • Mail Inserters
  • Print/Mailing Bases
  • Polywrappers
  • Card Attachers
  • Stitchers
  • Collators

Transactional Mail Applications Require:

  • Ability to ensure privacy of protected information
  • Ability to ensure all items in a print file are processed without missing or duplicate pieces
  • Comprehensive reporting to prove production integrity
  • Image archiving to save camera images of processed pieces
  • Ability to provide multiple simultaneous capabilities such as collation control, comparison to a data file, image archiving and integrity reporting at high production speeds
  • ADF and piece level reporting across a wide range of production processes and types of equipment


  • Mail Inserters
  • Self Mailers
  • Booklet Makers
  • Plastic Card Attachers

Digital Printing Inspection Applications Require:

  • Streak/void, hickey, blemish and broken character detection
  • ANSI/ISO barcode grading to ensure 2D codes and linear barcodes meet customer specifications and are readable on downstream equipment
  • Ability to ensure correct stock has been loaded into correct drawer (cut-sheet digital printers)
  • Front/back web matching
  • Ability to image an entire web or sheet with a single camera to enable quick job set-up and changeover
  • Ultra high speed inspection to enable every page and piece to be verified, real-time at production speeds


  • Digital Printers
  • Cut Sheet Printers
  • Continuous Printers
  • Inkjet Printers
  • Offset Printers
  • Rewinders
  • Label Presses

Bindery Applications Require:

  • Ability to add intelligence to legacy equipment to enable current, highly variable content to be processed on older, expensive plant equipment
  • Ability to run many scanners or cameras simultaneously due to the expansive number of pockets on many stitchers and collators
  • Ability to combine collation control and cover to content matching on the same verification system
  • Flexibility to easily change verification configurations to adapt to changing customer applications
  • Ability to provide inkjet personalization on a broad range of substrates and speeds


  • Stitchers
  • Collators
  • Polywrappers
  • Booklet Makers
  • Perfect Binders
  • Folders

Plastic Cards Applications Require:

  • Reading technologies which can read embossed characters and cards with lower contrast background
  • Ability to read lower resolution single nozzle inkjet printing often associated with pin numbers
  • Ability to integrate magnetic stripe reading information into matching and integrity software tools and reports
  • Scratch off panel verification tools which can be used simultaneous with reading and data integrity tools
  • High speed reading as phone and loyalty card applications often run at speeds in excess of 60,000 cards per hour
  • Integrity reporting to prove production integrity and provide reports of which cards were processed with which backers/carriers and which pin numbers are assigned to which card numbers


  • Card Attachers
  • Narrow Web Presses
  • Feeders
  • Affixers
  • Inkjet Bases
  • Card Transports
  • Sheet Fed Presses