Satori MailRoom ToolKit

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Integrated Postal Automation Software: Satori MailRoom ToolKit

Satori Software’s MailRoom ToolKit offers cleaned and corrected addresses, postal presorting and barcoded addresses all from within your original database and software application. YES – completely integrated!

A COM-based integrated solution:

MailRoom ToolKit is built upon COM technology, which makes deployment easy within a number of different environments and simplifies ongoing maintenance. In fact, MailRoom ToolKit installs instantly with no coding required inside Microsoft Office (Access, Excel & Word) and includes its own toolbar.

Use MailRoom ToolKit with many applications and development environments including the following:

Microsoft Office - MailRoom ToolKit series’ COM technology includes ActiveX controls that install into Microsoft Office. This brings address quality and postal solutions right into the applications you use most often. Setup is automatic using the MailRoom ToolKit installer program. Once installed, all of the features of MailRoom ToolKit are available within Access, Excel and Word. There is even a MailRoom ToolKit toolbar added to the menu. Multiple users can share the same address data files over your local network.

Visual Basic - Use any 32-bit version of Visual Basic (Version 4.0 or higher) to access the power of MailRoom ToolKit.

Visual FoxPro - FoxPro Version 4.0 or higher can also integrate with MailRoom ToolKit.

C/C++ - Any 32-bit application written in C/C++ can be used to directly support MailRoom ToolKit.

PowerBuilder - PowerBuilder 5.0 or higher can be used to access the MailRoom ToolKit controls.

Delphi - Delphi 2.0 or higher is suitable for ActiveX development and integration with MailRoom ToolKit.

Oracle - Later versions of Oracle can be developed for use with MailRoom ToolKit.

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When it comes to addresses, think of MailRoom ToolKit as your database assistant. By using simple setup wizards, or by adding a small amount of Visual Basic code to your application, MailRoom ToolKit can access the key elements of your address database. Once installed, it cleans the address data you’ve entered, and becomes your postal authority when it’s time to prepare a mailing.

MailRoom ToolKit can easily standardize the spellings and abbreviations used in your address data. It can also speed entry by automatically filling in such fields as city and state. When you’re ready to submit a mailing to the United States Postal Service, MailRoom ToolKit will automate the entire process by presorting the list, printing required postal reports and barcoded addresses.

Here’s what MailRoom ToolKit does for your database:

  • Increases address accuracy
  • Reduces returned mail & packages
  • Qualifies your mailings for presort discounts
  • Streamlines postal preparation
  • Saves on address correction fees
  • Prints barcoded addresses plus sack or tray tags
  • Integrates in minutes, using COM technology
  • Adds Change-Of-Address data via the Internet