Envelope Imager CS

Rena Shuttle Head Color Imaging Systems: Imager CS


Your mailing list is growing. You're ready to step up to a reliable high-quality addressing system that's a breeze to use, but also light on your wallet. The RENA Systems Envelope Imager CS was designed for you. It's the only entry-level system that prints full process photo quality color, making it perfect for high impact, low volume mailings. Now you can dress up your letters and envelopes at a price you can afford.


  • The tabletop Envelope Imager CS uses exclusive HP PhotoSmart software technology to produce millions of accurate colors.
  • The Imager CS has photo realistic print quality that is simply unmatched. It turns blank envelopes and postcards into marketing works of art.
  • Take advantage of a full array of colors and TrueType fonts to add exciting attention-generating photos, graphics and logos
  • Economize your mailings by printing barcodes to meet postal pre-sorting guidelines
  • The system is extremely userfriendly and sets up super fast. Just connect it to your PC's USB or parallel cable port and get ready to start dressing up your mailings
  • Like all RENA Systems products, it's built in America with high-grade steel and metal construction for unsurpassed reliability
  • Four levels of print quality
  • Prints up to 4,300 #10 envelopes/hr
  • Feeder holds 300 envelopes at a time
  • Process materials up to 1/16" thick, 14" long and 12" wide
  • Light and compact