Envelope Imager 3.0

Rena Fixed Head Imaging Systems: Imager 3.0


You know what addressing systems are worth to you. You want power and insist on dependability. You demand value...

  • The RENA Systems Envelope Imager 3.0 is a heavy-duty, full-featured addressing system designed for high performance and value
  • The 3.0 scores high with speed and flexibility. The versatile 3+3 printhead configuration is perfect for true envelope imaging - printing the address, return addresses & indicia all at the same time
  • Turn out 7,200 #10 envelopes with nine lines of 600 dpi quality printing per hour. You have four different qualities to choose from, so you can print three times as fast at a lower dpi if needed
  • Fully independent print heads with an exceptional 12" vertical range can overlap into two printing areas
  • Take advantage of an inkjet cartridge storage compartment to extend the life of your cartridges and increase their yield
  • Powerful processing, precision parts and all metal construction result in a system that's built to last
  • New features like Print Enhancement, Intelligent Pause Control, Electronic Thickness Control, Advanced Macro Management and a host of other improvements make the new Envelope Imager 3.0 the machine to beat
  • The heavy duty clutch-controlled feeder is integrated into the printer for a space-saving design.