Envelope Imager 1.5

Rena Fixed Head Imaging Systems: Imager 1.5


Your mailings are getting larger and larger. You need a basic addressing system optimized for productivity. You want features found in larger systems, but at a cost that makes sense for your growing company...

  • The RENA Systems Envelope Imager 1.5 is the entry-level addressing system that's high-performance all the way
  • Your postcards, letters and flats will fly through as the fixed-head system prints an eight-line address and a barcode in one pass
  • The 1.5 prints at one fixed speed - fast - up to 7,200 envelopes or 11,000 postcards an hour
  • The feeder conveniently holds 300 envelopes at a time to increase productivity
  • Solid-body, high-grade steel and metal construction means this American-made tabletop workhorse will be an unsurpassed reliable performer for years and years
  • A processor with 64 MB of memory powers the 1.5, and it's a snap to integrate with your Windows based PC. Just plug in through a USB 2.0 port and start planning your large mailing projects with confidence
  • Prints from 150 to 600 dpi to optimize ink performance on any stock
  • Prints all Truetype Fonts
  • Prints materials from 3