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The HJ/AS940 addressing solution provides the qualities of a production printer with the price tag of an entry level printer. Its advanced technology, precision engineering and exceptional attention to detail make this high-performance system the right


With a feeding system that has three rows of high grip rollers and the capacity for materials up to ¼” thick, it can handle any job. The dual print head configuration allows you to add return addresses, indicia, barcodes and more to the primary address in a single pass on a large 2.5” print area for a professional and unique look every time. And, the electronic thickness adjustment works effortlessly with the clutch-controlled built-in feeder for even greater productivity. The HJ/AS940 makes quick work of even the largest jobs.


Processing 30,000 postcards per hour and 22,000 No. 10 envelopes per hour, the HJ/AS940 is perfect for mid-size corporate environments. Its sturdy metal construction is built to last and easy to set up and use.





64 MB Of Internal Memory

Faster Data & Graphic Processing

30,000 Postcards/Hour

22,000 #10 Envelopes/Hour

Productivity Increases Dramatically

USB 2.0 Port

Fast Information Transfer

2 Banks Of Print Heads

Print Indicia, Return Address And Barcode In One Pass

1/4” Thickness Capability

Handles Larger Material

Electronic Height Adjustment

Repeatable & Accurate Piece Setup

IMB Compliant

Prints Intelligent Mail Barcode And Many Industrial Barcodes

Hewlett Packard 45a Inkjet Cartridges C8842a

Proven Technology: 600 Dpi & Wide Variety Of Inks

Adjustable Material Setting

Prints Materials From 3½“ W X 5½” L To 13.5” W X 15” L

Unlimited Font Capacity

Print With True type Fonts

Compact Design

Fits Almost Anywhere